Children’s Old Testament PDFs


2God Makes Adam and EveGenesis1:26-4:1
3The Garden of EdenGenesis2:8-17
4Adam and Eve are TemptedGenesis3:1-4:1
5Cain and AbelGenesis4:1-17
7Noah Builds the ArkGenesis5:28-6:22
8God Sends a Great FloodGenesis7:1-8:19
9God's CovenantGenesis8:20-9:17
10The Tower of BabelGenesis10:8-10; 11:1-9
11God Calls AbramGenesis11:26-12:9
12Abram and Sarai Visit EgyptGenesis12:10-13:1
13Lot Leaves AbramGenesis13:6-18
14Lot's Captivity and RescueGenesis14
15God Makes a Promise to AbramGenesis15:1-17:19;18:1-16
16Hagar and IshmaelGenesis16
17Abraham Bargains With GodGenesis18:16-33
18Sodom & GomorrahGenesis19:1-30
19Isaac is BornGenesis21:1-8
20Abraham Offers IsaacGenesis22:1-18
21A Bride for IsaacGenesis24:1-67
22Jacob & EsauGenesis25:19-34; 27:1-46; 33
23Isaac Blesses JacobGenesis27:1-46
24Jacob's DreamGenesis28:10-22
25Leah & RachelGenesis29:1-30
26The Sons of JacobGenesis29:31-30:24;35:16-26
27Your Name Shall Be IsraelGenesis32:22-32
28Joseph is Sold by His BrothersGenesis37:3-36
29Joseph & PotipharGenesis39:1-23
30Joseph in PrisonGenesis40:1-41:57
31Joseph Tests His BrothersGenesis42:1-44:34
32Joseph Reveals Himself to His BrothersGenesis45:1-16
33Jacob Moves to EgyptGenesis45:17-50:26
34The Slavery of the IsraelitesExodus1:1-14; 2:23-24
35Moses is BornExodus2:1-10
36The Burning BushExodus3:1-4:17
37The Ten PlaguesExodus7:14-11:10; 12:29-30
38The First PassoverExodus12:1-28
39The ExodusExodus12:31-51
40Crossing the Red SeaExodus14
41Bread From HeavenExodus16:4-35
42Water From the RockExodus17:1-6
43The Ten CommandmentsExodus19:20-20:17
44The Golden CalfExodus32
45Moses Talks With GodExodus33:7-34:35
46The TabernacleExodus36:8-40:38
47The Cloud and the FireNumbers9:15-23
48The LORD Sends QuailNumbers11:4-14, 31-34
49The Twelve SpiesNumbers13:1-14:9
50Wandering in the WildernessNumbers14:11-35
51Moses Disobeys GodNumbers20:1-13
52The Bronze SerpentNumbers21:4-9
54Moses DiesDeuteronomy34
55Joshua Becomes Israel's New LeaderJoshua1
56Rahab and the SpiesJoshua2
57Crossing the Jordan RiverJoshua3-4
58The Battle of JerichoJoshua6:1-26
59The Gibeonites Trick JoshuaJoshua9
60Joshua DiesJudges2:7-10
62The Calling of GideonJoshua6:11-40
63Gideon's Army of 300Joshua7:1-25
64Samson is BornJoshua13
65Samson and DelilahJoshua16:4-21
66Samson Pulls Down a TempleJoshua16:22-31
67Ruth Chooses to Stay With NaomiRuth1:1-18
68Ruth Gleans in the FieldsRuth2
69Boaz Redeems RuthRuth4:1-13
70Hannah1 Samuel1:1-19
71Samuel is Born1 Samuel1:20-28
72Eli & His Wicked Sons1 Samuel2:12-36
73Samuel is Called1 Samuel3:1-20
74The Capture & Return of the Ark1 Samuel4:1-7:2
75Saul is Made King of Israel1 Samuel9:1-12:25
76Jonathan's Fight & Saul's Oath1 Samuel14:1-46
77Saul is Rejected by God1 Samuel15:10-35
78David is Anointed King by Samuel1 Samuel16:1-13
79David and Goliath1 Samuel17:1-52
80The Friendship of David and Jonathan1 Samuel20
81David Spares Saul's Life (Twice)1 Samuel23:14-24:22; 26
82Saul and His Sons Die In Battle1 Samuel31
83David is Made King of Israel2 Samuel5:1-4
84The Ark is Brought to Jerusalem2 Samuel6:1-19
85God's Covenant With David2 Samuel7:1-17
86David is Kind to Mephibosheth2 Samuel9:1-13
87David's Census, Judgment and Purchase of the Threshing Floor2 Samuel24:1-25
88Solomon is Made King1 Kings1:28-53
89Solomon Asks God for Wisdom1 Kings3:3-14
90The Wisdom of Solomon1 Kings3:16-28; 4:21-34
91Solomon Builds the Temple1 Kings6:1-38
92The Dedication of the Temple1 Kings8:1-66
93The Queen of Sheba1 Kings10:1-13
94Solomon Turns from the LORD1 Kings11:1-13, 41-43
95The Kingdom is Divided1 Kings11:26-40; 12:1-24
96Jeroboam Makes Two Golden Calves1 Kings12:25-13:6
97The Ravens Bring Food To Elijah1 Kings17:1-7
98Elijah Helps a Poor Widow1 Kings17:8-24
99Elijah Defeats the Prophets of Baal1 Kings18:17-40
100The Still Small Voice1 Kings19:1-18
101Elijah Chooses Elisha1 Kings19:19-21
102Elijah is Taken to Heaven2 Kings2:1-11
103Elisha Crosses the River2 Kings2:13-15
104Elisha Helps a Poor Widow2 Kings4:1-7
105Elisha and the Shunammite Woman2 Kings4:8-17
106Elisha Raises a Boy from the Dead2 Kings4:18-36
107Naaman's Leprosy is Healed2 Kings5:1-14
108Elisha's Greedy Servant2 Kings5:15-27
109The Floating Ax Head2 Kings6:1-7
110A Servant Sees a Fiery Army2 Kings6:8-23
111The Shunammite Woman's Land Restored2 Kings8:1-6
112Joash Repairs the Temple2 Kings12:1-19
113Hezekiah Cleanses the Temple2 Chronicles29:3-19
114Hezekiah Restores Temple Worship2 Chronicles29:20-36
115Israel is Carried to Assyria2 Kings17:5-41
116Josiah2 Kings22:1-2; 23:1-30
117The Book of the Law is Found2 Kings22:3-20
118Judah is Led into Captivity2 Kings25:1-21
119Cyrus Helps the Exiles to ReturnEzra1:1-11
120Rebuilding the Altar and the TempleEzra3:1-13
121The Opposition of RebuildingEzra4:1-24
122Completion, Dedication of the TempleEzra6:13-22
123The People Confess Their SinEzra10:1-17
124Nehemiah's Prayer & Viewing the WallNehemiah1:1-2:20
125Rebuilding & Completion of the WallNehemiah4:1-7:3
126Ezra Reads the LawNehemiah8:1-9:5
127Esther Becomes QueenEsther2:1-18
128Mordecai and HamonEsther2:19-3:15
129Esther Pleads for Her PeopleEsther4:1-17
130Hamon's Anger at MordecaiEsther5:1-14
131Mordecai is HonoredEsther6:1-14
132Hamon's Evil is RepaidEsther7:1-10
133Esther Saves Her PeopleEsther8:1-17
134The Jews Rejoice and Declare a FeastEsther9:18-32
135Righteous Job Fears GodJob1:1-5
136Job's First TestJob1:6-22
137Job's Second TestJob2:1-10
138Job and His Three FriendsJob2:11-32:1
139Elihu Contradicts Job's FriendsJob32:1-37:24
140The LORD SpeaksJob38:1-40:24
141Job is BlessedJob42:1-17
142Sanctified LipsIsaiah6:1-13
143Unto Us a Child is BornIsaiah9:1-7
144Peace on EarthIsaiah11:1-9
145Christ's Sacrifice is ForetoldIsaiah53:2-12
146New Heavens and a New EarthIsaiah65:17-25
147The Calling of JeremiahJeremiah1:1-12
148The True and Living GodJeremiah10:1-16
149Clay in the Potter's HandJeremiah18:1-11
150Jeremiah's ScrollJeremiah36:1-32
151Ezekiel's CallEzekiel2:1-3:15
152God, the True ShepherdEzekiel34:11-31
153A Renewed HeartEzekiel36:26-27
154The Glory Returns to the TempleEzekiel43:1-12
155Daniel and His Friends Obey GodDaniel1:3-15
156Nebuchadnezzar's DreamDaniel2:1-49
157The Fiery FurnaceDaniel3:1-30
158Nebuchadnezzar is HumbledDaniel4:28-37
159The Writing on the WallDaniel5:1-31
160Daniel in the Lion's DenDaniel6:1-22
161Jonah and the Great FishJonah1:1-2:10
162Nineveh RepentsJonah3:1-10
163Jonah is Humbled By GodJonah4:1-11